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Use, Users and Abuse

The agency aims to give brands, services and places some qualitative and perceptible presence by senses and cognitive apparatus while meeting their functional, technical, intellectual and aesthetic needs. The human existence unfolds in time and space and the qualities of service, product and space are consistently proven by senses and feeling, sometimes intensively, sometimes incidentally.

We strive to create and design products, services and spatial arrangements with several possibilities of interaction for the many and qualities which make usage enjoyable. Design is destined to create an atmosphere suitable to the well-being of everyone, with a positive influence on social, professional and personal activity.

In order for a product, a service and a space to be accepted and used by its users, considering the interaction between man and project is vital. An atmosphere may be created to last or to be ephemeral, new functions may be added to the first ones, but only if decided by users.

If randomness and possibility are included in the project development, we have a broad range of means and elements to plan their use and abuse: ideas and concepts, activity and human presence, lights, shape and choreographies of use and space series, texture and materiality of structuring elements, acoustics influenced by their lasting and complex interaction, and the way we design and feel the intent and its use in time.

Working on the influence of an object, a service and a space on comfort improvement and well-being of the many, on the proportion of structures, elements and spaces intended to be personally accepted by users is one of the most engaging tasks of the designer.

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